If you were looking for a blog that is well organized, well written, and professional...Allow me to apologize.


Now it's time to say goodbye.

Despite my never ending schedule of classes, homework and projects, I was able to vote and celebrate on November 4th. Then today I was coming home from the gym and I opened the door to my house to see George W. Bush on the screen, standing on the lawn of the White House and making some joke about his dog. For the first time ever, I smiled and laughed a little at the sight of the man who has run this country for the last 8 years. Then the thought run through my head - What are we going to do without George W. Bush?

Now please, please don't hate me for saying that, but think about it for a second. In some small way, you are going to miss George. With Bush in office, there was always someone to blame for everything that went wrong. It was horrifying, it was sad, and sometimes it was even a little funny. George W. Bush was so fun to make fun of that it seemed impossible. I certainly don't mean to lessen the seriousness of what happened and is still happening because of his decisions, but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, and George "Now watch this drive" Bush never left us short of reasons. It is also important to remember that at least a small part of the recent Obama victory is due to the horrific failure of the Bush administration after the American people put their trust in them. Twice.

So now I bid a bittersweet goodbye to George W. Bush. Some of us hated you from the beginning, some of us began hating you later on. Either way, it makes us wonder, who will we hate now? Any way we look at it, we'll never forget the last 8 years, or what you did to them.

Now get the f**k out of our White House.