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Life Lessons 6-10: College Edition

WOW!!!! I am so busy lately. I miss my blog, and reading/commenting on all the ones that I love. Rest assured, I will return with a vengeance when the opportunities present themselves. Being back at school this semester has reminded me of all the various things that I've learned over my years in college. ...And none of them had anything to do with the material. So I'm going use the idea from my previous post to make it look like something new. That's another thing you learn to do in college. So I give you 5 things that I learned about life from college:

6. Some people are always going to be idiots. (AKA: Highschool never ends.)
You remember those girls who were mean to you in highschool? They're still mean. They don't want you in their sorority and later on in life they won't be dying to invite you to their Botox/Sex in the City watching parties. Some of these people do see the error of their ways, but don't expect it.

7. A little ass-kissing might not help, but it couldn't hurt either.
Knowing the Dean, the head of your department, and your professors is a good idea. You should at least talk to them in class and pretend to be interested when possible. What do you have to lose? Later on this will apply to your boss and clients/customers.

8. Life is unfair sometimes.
Your professor gives you a D- on a paper, without giving you a good reason why. You have a group project and the other members of the group decide not to work at all. You have to write a 25 page paper on politics...And your major is psych. All of these things and more await you in college, and even more so in life.

9. If you don't make a commitment, you never get anywhere.
You see all of these people who change their majors over and over again, and all they have to show for it is a bunch of classes that they took but don't need anymore. This is a good general lesson for life. Make a decision and stick with it, or you just tread water.

10. An excess of anything is a bad idea.
Drinking, partying, studying, you name it. You can't overdo it. A lot of college students, just getting out of their parents' homes, go NUTS going overboard. Life is about knowing when to stop, sometimes, and understanding that concept will help you out.


brian said...

I totally get #9, I can remember the look on my mom's face when I came home after a particularly bad day at school and told my parents that I was changing my major to film and transferring to UCLA (I was a business major). For better or worse, they discouraged that and I finished my degree. While I didn't become famous (yet), I'm not a starving student filmmaker taking odd roles in porn movies to make the rent (bring in the Gimp). As for #10, I disagree...sometimes once you get started down one of those paths, you just have to, um, "buy the ticket, take the ride." Kinda like in #9, you have to be committed. Doing something half-assed won't take you far in life...

Mark Salinas said...

6." Some people are always going to be idiots." It seems so...sigh! What can we do but move on....

erykah said...

Hey Baronness

I'm not trying to intrude or overstep - just trying to shed light on exercise addiction. I'm writing from MTV's true life and we're doing an episode on exercise addiction and I wanted to see if I could speak to you further about a post you commented on.
It's not locking you into anything by speaking with me, but I just have a few questions on the matter and if it's something your or your friends do or have dealt with.