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Obama says: No can has legal weed. Oh noes!

After a lot of ado on Digg about asking Barack Obama to legalize marijuana on his website, the answer has finally arrived. Big fat NO. And my question is...What the hell did you people expect??

Don't get me wrong. I don't see why we can't legalize marijuana. I mean, why not? Doesn't hurt anyone unless it is used improperly (while driving, in combination, etc). In addition, it seems to help chronically ill people with nausea. The thing is, Barack Obama is a politician, not a miracle worker. This has always been a controversial issue, and as long as it is an issue it will always be problematic. Legalizing Marijuana would have an effect on other industries and the country as a whole, and it may not be good on the whole.

I am really surprised at the reaction to Obama's win. Democrat is many times better than Republican, but come on. That's like saying Cheez-its are better than Cheese Nips. They're practically the same. Barack Obama is no exception. He is not the second coming, he's just a guy who's about to start messing up the country (possibly less than Bush does now) really soon. Get ready to be disappointed.

I do hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it.


brian said...

wow, a demo reality check? kewl...

hey, i think i know the guy in the picture.

ScrappyT said...

Got anymore pics ??
Me likey

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brian said...

Well B-ness, now you've got horse geeks following you around. Sorry about that. Want me to call security?

Mark Salinas said...

Happy New Year!

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