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The Interwebz Says I'm Smart

NameThatDisease.com - The Disease Test
Good news: I am a great doctor. If you were to be in need of an operation, I might be able to do it. And I will only charge you $37. (I found this quiz at Look at This...)

NameThatSerialKiller.com - The Serial Killer Test
I am also not too bad at identifying serial killers, which is good.

NameThatDrug.com - Identify The Drug
Finally, you will notice that I am fairly knowledgeable about drugs. I would like to say, in my defense, that I just took a class about them. ...No, really.

Go and take these tests, so that if you see a Leper trying to buy drugs who is dangerously close to a serial killer, you can be of some help. Yeah.

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brian said...

some of those disease pics made me want to toss my cookies...