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The Reality of "Talent"

I always thought that despite all the craziness and red neckiness that Britney Spears is in possession of, she was chosen for her looks and her small but adequate dose of talent.
After seeing the following video, I have realized that the aforementioned assumption may have been wrong.

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I know she's breathing hard in a lot of it, but for God's sake, she sounds like that horrible overzealous girl at karaoke who constantly wants to do "I Will Survive" but never comes in right on cue.


brian said...

wow...I really could have a singing career. scary.

The Baroness said...

Now THAT'S a video I'd enjoy seeing. I think that to have a music career you have to be able to look like a fairly expensive prostitute. ...Not TOO expensive though. Remember Christina Aguilera in her "Dirrty" stage? Couldn't be more than $30 an hour.

friendinME said...

oh my. that is terrifically horrible.

I knew she was bad but I didn't know that she is THAT bad. Maybe some of her personal problems stem from the fear that someone will find out how talentless she really is.

btw, down the line of talentless icons... you might like this video by the Onion. :)


btw... thanks for the link on your page. I appreciate it.

The Baroness said...

@friend in ME: Thanks for that video! I liked the "Miley depletion" projection. lol