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I Miss Austin! (Part 1)

Well everyone, I am back from Austin. I brought back loads of pictures, so I thought maybe you'd like to see them. If you don't...Well, just see them anyway. I wish I knew how to do one of those "more after the break" thingys, but I don't.

Kyle and I drove in some sort of hatchback car. From where we live to Austin, there is a lot of this...

You pass through Waco on the way there, but it's mostly just farm areas. Other notable landmarks are the "Turkey Shop" (which I guess sells turkey) and a chain of chicken restaurants called "Bush's Chicken". Get it?? Get it?? Bush is chicken!! LOLZ!
Coming into town is just incredible. It's a real city!! Huzzah!! We got there right around sunset, and at that time you can see the bats fly out from under the Congress Bridge. That's one of the things we did that first evening. Basically, the bats that live under that bridge fly out from under it after the sun goes down. It's an amazing thing to see. Many of them just flutter around in the general area of the bridge for a time. It is very difficult to take a picture of the actual bats, but here's one that I took of their ascent:

After that we went to Sixth Street for some drinking and such. We also checked out this place on South Congress called "The Continental Club". It's a 50's themed rock club with live bands.
The bands are not quite 50's themed, but still great. The night we went was "Paint By Numbers" night, and we caught a Pixies cover band.

The next day we woke up to the most blatantly Texan breakfast I have ever seen in my life at the hotel:
Oh my GOD how tacky. They were delicious, though.
We went back to South Congress to check out some of the shops we had seen there the night before. One of the places we discovered is possibly the best place ever. It's called Toy Joy.

Here's me at Toy Joy. Don't I look joyful? It's because Toy Joy is a toy store for children AND adults. I believe that we read that they don't close until midnight on most nights. Here are some more pictures of Toy Joy:
Woo hoo! The colors!!
After some shopping and whatnot on SoCo, we went to Sixth Street for lunch. Here's a picture of my friend Kyle:
He's very happy because we're about to have margaritas and Mexican food. While we were in the restaurant, we witnessed...

OH GOD! Segway gang!!!! Run!! What's so sad is that they all have helmets on. You would have to be retarded to fall off of one of those things.
Also on Sixth Street, there was this place called something like the Museum of the Weird (I don't remember) which was right up my alley. Here I am next to a dead bat:
Look how happy I am. Finally in my element.

Well then. Seeing as it's almost midnight and I am old and tired, I will post pictures of the other part of the trip tomorrow.

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