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Triumph of human nature mixed with sweet gorditas...

The other day I was having my daily Digg fix, and I came across this article. The jist of it is that an elderly man went to the same Taco Bell every day for lunch for several years and developed a relationship with the staff. Then he got Alzheimers and had to move into a home. So the folks at this adorable, bizarro world Taco Bell decided to go to the retirement home and serve him and the other people living there. They also named him "customer of the year".

I know I'm a sap, but that really touched my little heart. This world has become so fast and frantic that sometimes it's hard to believe that anyone ever takes notice of a stranger and understands their situation enough to acknowledge it. Thank you, Taco Bell! You've renewed my faith in the human race, and in the 99 cent menu item.

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