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We're not that dumb, Burger King.

As of late, I have been on a LARGE health kick, and it's paid off. I've lost some weight, and some pant sizes. I count calories to control my food intake, so I'm always on the lookout to find some new food item I can have at a fast food restaurant that won't screw up my entire day's food budget.

Imagine, however, that I were the majority of American children and "health-conscious" adults, and I saw a commercial for these:

They're called "Fresh Apple Fries". The only thing is that they're not fried, they have no dipping sauce, and they're JUST APPLES cut to look like fries. The sales pitch for these things is that children will love them because they look like the delicious french fries they grew up on, and adults will like them because they want to lose weight.
The American people in general don't want these. They didn't sprinkle them with anything, there's nothing special about them, they don't come with dip of any kind, and you could stop at the local grocery store to get an apple. I'm not saying that this isn't good as a fry replacement, but let's not use the word "fry" too liberally. This is setting everyone up for disappointment.
What's next, broccoli cheesecake? Spinach Whopper? As long as you can make it the same shape, it's ok right? Liars.

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