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What the HELL happened to Ben Stein??

You know, I used to think that Ben Stein was really interesting and cool. He has a weird voice, he seems to know a lot, and he enjoys wearing Airwalks sneakers with a suit (Okay, so I basically just know him from "Win Ben Stein's Money" and that one scene in "Ferris Buller's Day Off"). I knew before that he was conservative, but not CRAZY conservative like I know now. Hearing him talk about this "Expelled" movie of his was one thing. I can understand that point of view without agreeing with it.

However, I read something today (via Digg ) that just lead to a general falling out with Mr. Stein all together. On Glenn Beck's show (July 23rd) Ben Stein compared Barack Obama to HITLER while discussing Obama's decision to accept the nomination in a sports stadium with 75,000 people. Glenn Beck, of course, jumped on board after that, comparing Obama to Musselini.

Now I know that he doesn't know as much as I thought. I'm sure Ben Stein had a plethora of choices for points to make against Barack Obama and his platform, but instead he tries to imply that Obama is making this particular move because of his ego?

Regardless of what I think of Obama, this move was something I thought was kind of cool. It's not about the mindless cheers or the photo ops. It is all a symbol. This could very well be the first African American president, and a lot of people want to be a part of this historical event. Also, from the moment I read the announcement, I thought this would be a powerful symbol of an effort to bring government out from behind closed doors. In the Glenn Beck clip, Stein says, "That is not the way we do things in political parties in the United States of America." Why not?? It'll be exciting and, God forbid, memorable. I know it's a little gaudy, but hey, it sounds fun to me.

Ben Stein, aren't there some Clear Eyes commercials that need some narrating? I liked you so much, and then you got all heavy on me, man.

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